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The Key Features
1. Easily track payments and deposit transactions
2. View balances and reports
3. Email or fax reports directly to your accountant
The Basic Modules
1. Sales and Accounts Receivable
2. Financial Analysis and Reports
3. Accounts Payable
4. Additional Accounting Features
The Key Features
1. Automatically record recurring orders and invoices
2. Track outgoing payment and purchasing transactions


SHOP INN Accounting Software is an application for all those who need to document incoming and outgoing transactions of their business. The software is an integrated Windows based application containing basic and advanced accounting features like double entry system, general ledger, receivables and payables etc.

Maintaining Accounting procedures tend to become strenuous and require minute inspection of every sale, purchase, receipt, and payment made. SHOP INN Accounting Software is easy-to-use, flexible and powerful software that allows you to track inventory, bank accounts, income/expenses etc.

The software is designed to connect multiple branches and outlets. It efficiently maintains your accounts to help you streamline your inventory, billing and accounting activities.


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Financial Records

Create highly customized recurring transactions and Account Reconciliation Statements. It perfectly streamlines your inventory, billing and accounting activities.
Other major features include :-

  • An integrated software portraying the financial status of your business
  • Easy to use interface with keyboard/mouse, touchscreen settings
  • Accurate and balanced double-entry accounting
  • Bond/Stock/Mutual Fund Accounts
  • Graphical comparison of year-wise profit and loss
  • Track deposit and payment transactions
  • Guard against impending dangers - bad debt, losses etc.