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Total Retail Management System
Control and grow your business on one comprehensive solution.
1. Manage your purchases.
2. Do not lose sight of stocks in transit
3. Manage and nurture customer Loyalty
Your Organization, Your Way
Our solutions help retailers worldwide
1. Increase their efficiency.
2. Enhance productivity
3. Reduce operating costs
4. Increase returns on investment
No Boundries at all...
1. Multi user
2. Multi location
3. Control unauthorize access
4. Customize printing
5. Manage your braches & franchise


Shop Inn POS is ready-to-run software which is customized the way you handle your purchases, sales, taxes, coupons and other items. Shop Inn is also programmed with loyalty schemes to offer your customers. As per your business policy it automatically adjusts your store's inventory levels and debits the amount of stock sold.

Actually, Shop Inn POS software handles much more than just 'Point-of-Sale' and it's rather a complete 'retail management software'. The objective of this software is to help a retail business speed up its purchase and sales functions efficiently to increase its productivity.

Salient features of the Software other than POS

  • E-mail/SMS plugins
  • CRM
  • Freedom App
  • Synchronized Reports
  • Web Reporting
  • Barcode Scanning

At the checkout counter, the cashier only needs to scan and ring up each item on the POS cash register to get the total amount to be paid by the customer. One great advantage that Shop Inn has over its rivals is it's immune to malware and viruses. Again, it can be operated with both keyboard and touchscreen settings.


Warehouse Module

  • Product Categories : Segregate related products into separate groups like Apparels (men, women, and kids), Footwear, Food, Toiletries, Furniture, Home appliances etc.
  • Product Catalogs : Identify the products/services you want to offer to your customers like Department/Category/Sub-Category/Brand/Unit.
  • Bar Coding : Price all the items by entering the bar code and adding the price in the software. Special offers like buy two get one free are also handled here.
  • Warehouse Inventory : Get complete control over warehouse inventory. Trace various inventory movements from single/multiple warehouses to stores.
  • Setup Stores : Locate the store and view inventory online.
  • Accounting Backup : Interface all transactions (Receivables, Payables) with a standard financial Accounting application, for instance Tally.
  • Multi-level Security : Ensure only authorized users get access to specific areas by keeping intruders at bay.
  • Stock Management : Track products as they are carried from vendor, to warehouse, to stores and finally to the customers.
  • Stock Auditing : Match physical stock with the stock showed by POS software to identify any pilferage.
  • System Administration : Upkeep, configure and conduct reliable operation while setting up new users and changing/ restricting access rights.
  • Procurement : Automate the purchasing function of the business. Before paying the final bill, it
    • Raises and approves purchase orders
    • Selects and orders the product/service
    • Receives, inspects and matches the invoice and orders
    • Returns the undesirable products
  • Research and Reports : Shop Inn POS software has a warehousing feature which
    • increases the economy of scale of your business by analyzing the sales pattern
    • drives down your cost of purchases and helps deciding on the procurement
    • offers a flexible selection criteria