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Software for Medicine stores
Medicure is software that can efficiently manage
inventory system, accounting system, Doctors appointments
and it also include many other important feature.
Features of Medicure
1. Product purchase management
2. Accounting System.
3. Due book Management.
4. Maintain User/Unit Wise MMF.
5. Matrix Units System.
6. Transaction Flexibility.
Advanced Module in Medicure
Inventory system
Finance management system
Patient management system


SHOP INN Medicure Software caters to hospitals, dispensaries, pharmacies, nursing homes etc. Our product helps the clients to accurately maintain medical records and appointments of their patients.

We believe in maintaining efficiency and accuracy and we are committed to providing you with the best supporting system that is fully upgraded and updated as per your pharmacy/hospital business needs. SHOP INN Medicure Software also ensures its customers get paperless management of pharmacies, hospitals, dispensaries etc.

The software turns your computer into a medical register for total electronic medical records. It presents a 'unique patient identification' for you to better understand your patients and improve their confidence in you which is vital to every medical business.


Inventory Management

SHOP INN introduces Freedom App, a timesaving app that gives you freedom to make purchase/sales orders on your phone while you are away. It helps you take prompt business decisions even while you are traveling.
Specific Inventory Management features integrated in the SHOP INN software are as follows -

  • Complete control over cash and stock handling
  • Expired and Dumped stock handling
  • Quick check on inventory, room reservations and patient appointments
  • Cash/Credit Purchase & Sales reports
  • Complete inventory records for timely reordering of stock
  • Complete check on pilferage, claims and expiry