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Advance alert in your payroll
No matter how you choose to handle payroll, it’s one of the stickiest
services you can provide to your clients. Once they're in for payroll,
they're likely to stay with you forever.
1. Enterprise Class Software
2. Versatile and Robust Reporting
3. Role Based Security Access
4. Email Driven Work Flows
5. Flexible & User Friendly
Featured Services
1. Calculate deductions
2. Keep up with ever-changing tax laws
3. Receive alerts via email or text
4. Stay current with payroll tax tables and updates


SHOP INN Payroll Software offers a complete range of HR solutions and is designed for businesses with simple/complex payroll needs. It incorporates itself with attendance of workers to automate payroll processing.

SHOP INN Payroll Software is well-integrated to support multiple companies and multiple locations. The software also seamlessly integrates real-time attendance within its payroll system. It facilitates electoral leave application and its approval/disapproval with notifications.


Payroll Management

The most interesting feature of this software is easy synchronization of your payroll reports. It prompts easy transition of payroll data from software to excel-sheet and vice versa. It terminates all lengthy paperwork/excel-sheet procedures.
Other important feature includes :-

  • Payroll process with on hand attendance information
  • Well defined payroll formulae derived from payroll, attendance and leave data
  • Easy pay and cut-pay for overtime and late attendance respectively
  • Real-time attendance information for the employers