Why choose us
1. For best efficiency and affordability present in the market
2. Full customer support till you master the software
3. Secured backup service for easy data storage and recovery
4. Created after incorporating the feedback of massive clientele
We understand what your customer wants and solve complexities
associated with modern day transactions.
POS, Back Office, CRM
1. Easy Graphical User Interface
2. Both Keyboard/Mouse and Touchscreen Settings
3. Fast and Easy Billing with Barcode Scanning
4. Everything from Sourcing, Storing to the Point-of-Sale
5. Total control over Inventory and Real-time supplies
We help you understand your customers
better to improve your bottom line
Our service par excellence
1. Get Email/SMS alerts when new purchase orders are required
2. Bulk-transfer of purchase, sales, P&L data to tally/excel sheets
3. Freedom App to make purchase/sales orders on your phone
4. Access to business info by logging on to your personal URL
5. Paperless records of sold, pilfered, expired and dumped stock
We build what you need
1. Customized sales, purchase, tax reports as per Company policies
2. Adjustable module for smaller businesses striving to grow in future
3. User defined Barcoding System with printer and scanner
4. Hardware like Magnetic Card Reader, CCTV Camera, and Data Capturing Unit
Our aim is to minimize your operating costs so that
you earn maximum revenues
  • SHOP INN FOR YOU What we offer
  • MAJOR FOCUS POS, Back Office, CRM
  • BUSINESS BOOSTER Our service par excellence
  • TAILORED FEATURES We build what you need


Preferred by leading F&B brands, Shop Inn Restaurant is a ready-to-use software for dine restaurants, bars, clubs, discos etc. It understands the customer purchasing/eating trends and adjusts your inventory as per their needs to improve your profitability. The software is minutely designed to encapsulate all features of bar and restaurant businesses. It is designed considering all aspects of material management and includes :

  • table reservation
  • kitchen display system
  • promotions and gift vouchers
  • loyalty programs
  • web based reporting and a lot more

One of the main criteria all bars, clubs, cafes, etc. are keen on having in a software program is its ability to cater to huge number of customers during the ‘Rush Hour’. Our product is specifically designed to tackle table orders during peak hours. We value your reputation and provide you software which is fast, reliable and easy-to-use. Our goal is to bring the best in you when it comes to offering customer service.

Bespoke Solutions

  • Web Reporter
    Web Reporter

    Get purchase/sales information while traveling or on leave by logging on to your personal URL. Get remote access to your business by tracking inventory, sales and profits made.

  • Mobile KOT
    Mobile KOT

    A high-end mobile feature. It allows your waiter/steward to take table orders on phone. All he needs to do is send that electronic order to the kitchen where the server computer is located to take a printout of the KOT.

  • Payment Alerts
    Payment Alerts

    Send Email/SMS alerts to your customers and remind them about your Bills-Receivables. Also Email/SMS your suppliers to prompt them about pending stock delivery.

  • Synchronized Reports
    Synchronized Reports

    Bulk-transfer your purchase, sales, stock returns and profit/loss data from your software program directly to Tally/Excel Sheets. Similarly, you may also transfer various customer data to and fro Word files.


SHOP INN Software - In A Nutshell

S We strive in a superfast era where only smart work matters. Nobody is interested in knowing how lethargically or at length you work; only your efficiency and final output is what people care about. Hence, it’s important for you to provide best services to your customers - keeping your promises and their expectations up to the mark.

Efficient and quality software like Shop Inn could act as a soul of success for your business enterprise. We have designed this software with integrated administrative, CRM and financial strategies for increasing profitability of your business enterprise.


S Shop Inn records every sale and tracks every transaction. It calculates total sales, including tax, and shows the total change due. It also tells how many times a particular item got sold within a specified time and keeps check on inventory. It saves your time, increases accuracy, and controls sales and inventory without involving high prices, complex setup and big training requirements.

With all these features we can assure that Shop Inn is the easiest and most affordable POS software available in the current market.