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Less Time! More Profit
1. Table wise order
2. Fast wireless order
3. Different type menu
4. Remote KOT printing
5. Cancellation reson report
6. Transfer & Combine tables.
The Key Features
1. Raw material Manage
2. Monitor your profit & loss
3. Customized Tax & Discount
4. Royalti program
5. Use your mobile for operation
Our solutions help worldwide
1. Increase their efficiency.
2. Enhance productivity
3. Reduce operating costs
4. Improve customer satisfaction
5. Increase returns on investment


SHOP INN Restaurant Software is an integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) management system that provides complete solutions to restaurants, bars, food courts, cafes, diners etc. Along with Point-of-Sale, it also manages inventory, KOT, billing, etc. for your business.

SHOP INN Restaurant Software works with equal efficiency on both keyboard and touchscreen settings. The software is minutely designed to encapsulate all features of bar and restaurant businesses. Our Restaurant Module includes material management, table reservation, kitchen display system, promotions and gift vouchers, loyalty programs, web based reporting and a lot more.

SHOP INN Restaurant Module is distributed into distinct chapters for easy access and quick processing of your day-to-day restaurant operations.


Stock Module

Get purchase/sales information while traveling or on leave by logging on to your personal URL. Get remote access to your business by tracking inventory, sales and profits made.
Other related features of this module are :-

  • Records of inventory purchased for the kitchen
  • Stock readjustment records of production, consumption, excess, wastage, etc.
  • User Friendly Interface with single/multiple user facility
  • Up-to-date records of all creditors/suppliers and debtors/customers
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly financial records
  • Recipe design for effective records of raw-material consumption
  • Recipe design for the consumption of raw-materials


Send Email/SMS alerts to your customers and remind them about your Bills-Receivables. Also Email/SMS your suppliers to prompt them about pending stock delivery.
The software also provides :-

  • Multiple Payment modes with item wise/on bill taxes and discounts
  • Permission based cancel and updation of billing
  • Parcel/Packing/Home Delivery Billing